Thursday, February 16, 2006

New Linux-based Palm OS Unveiled

Access and its wholly owned subsidiary, PalmSource, have announced the Access Linux Platform (ALP), the latest evolution of Palm OS for Linux.

The ALP is designed to be an integrated, open and flexible Linux-based platform tailored for smartphones and mobile devices and to provide a complete, consistent and customizable solution for handset and mobile device manufacturers and mobile operators.

Access and PalmSource expect to make the ALP Software Developer Kit (SDK) available to its licensees by the end of this year (2006).

ACCESS Linux Platform An open and flexible software platform - Major components of ALP include:

* Standard, commercial-grade Linux kernel - version 2.6.12 and above
* Optimized implementation of GIMP ToolKit (GTK+) - popular open source libraries for the creation of graphical user interfaces
* GStreamer - an open source, modular and multi-threaded streaming media framework
* SQLite - a high-performance database engine commonly used in embedded devices

A number of ACCESS and PalmSource technologies have been incorporated into ALP, including:

* ACCESS NetFront™ browser - a proven success with over 200 million deployments in 721 commercial products for more than 30 handset and 90 Internet device manufacturers worldwide
* PalmSource messaging and telephony middleware - a highly modular and scalable implementation
* PalmSource mobile applications including PIMs, multimedia, messaging, PalmSource HotSync® and Palm Desktop -includes the recognized ease-of-use that users expect


Sachin Palewar said...

Linux platform in discussion here is actually related to Palm OS, the good old OS for PDAs. Palmsource creator of Palm OS changed its strategy and decided to make its future version of Palm OS some kind of wrapper on Linux. They acquired China Mobile Soft a leading chinise mobile firm, which was already providing Linux based mobile solutions.

Later palmsource was acquired by Access more famous for its award
winning mobile browser called NetFront. ACCESS Linux Platform (ALP) is basically a combination of palm and Linux.

Standalone linux for mobile devices was already around.

Simputer is an interesting device which may not be famous outside
India, but its a Linux based PDA, which is being positioned as low cost PC here in India.

Here are a few links for Simputer:

Returning back to our original discussion ALP is a new linux based platform and I very much believe that Palm was loosing out in the mobile race to WinCE platform so it decided to join hands with Linux, the only other OS giving some kind of resistance to Windows.

Its Palm being wrapped on Linux :-), so its programming is going to be a lot different than programming for CF.

Bottomline is ALP is a combination of palm and linux and it remains to be seen if it becomes as popular as palm once was. I doubt that BTW.

Lets wait and watch.


Anonymous said...


Can you give link to ?
Its the Indian Linux forum :)

You can also add its RSS feed on your blog using RSS widget :
RSS URL is :;action=.xml;limit=15;sa=news

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