Monday, August 20, 2007

Mobile advertising platform from mobile-worx

On June 21 I wrote about, an advertisement supported free sms service from Just came to know about zestadz which is a complete mobile advertising platform and it allows advertisers to advertise on SMS, WAP sites and even mobile games.

Interestingly they are inviting game and content developers to join them and embed their ad-displaying code in their mobile games/content. They will share revenue with them as well, which I think can prove to be an attractive proposition for many developers and content developers.

They claim 1 million impressions per month on SMS traffic, however they don't reveal if they have some tie-up with carriers to send such sms or have some users signed up, who have opted for letting them embed ads in their sms in return for free sms or other goodies.

Anyway a good mobile advertising option, I must say.


Anonymous said...

hi Sachin,

I am Sri Vikas, Product Manager for Mobile-worx, the company which developed and launched ZestADZ, India's leading mobile advertising marketplace.
first, i would like to thank you for posting a blog about us.

allow me to add certain points related to the post:

- we are inviting mobile content developers/publishers to send us the content so that we can host it in our mobile social networking community-, currently in its beta state and is the only mobile social networking site where users can download premium mobile content for free. we will be embedding ads in their content and share the ad revenues with them. which effectively means we are removing the vendor out of the equation. no other company gives this option

- we are currently running the site in pre alpha (or early beta) state as a test bed. we have around 2000 subscribers who we connect on a regular basis so as to understand their needs and shape the product in accordance to that. we will launch the complete site with all mobile 2.0 features in the first quater of 2008.

- ZestADZ, our flagship product is a mobile advertising platform, has no type-up with any carriers to deliver the ads. we deliver ads directly to mobile wap site/application owners. we have the technology (and the only company in India with it) to deliver highly relevant and contextual ads in all mobile formats- SMS/WAP/rich media content. and today we have lots of adverisers and publishers lined up and can successfully deliver millions of impressions anywhere in India. the advantages- mobile sites with the content (games/news/applications etc) are offered completely free to the end-users.

- finally, we have launched ZestADZ in facebook mobile platform as well. and once again the first indian company to do so.

let us know what u think about our company and product.

Sachin Palewar said...

Thanks Sri Vikas for posting comment and giving details about your product and company and I wish you luck in taking your efforts and innovations forward in the new year. Best Regards..

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